Region planning for 1.8 million more people by 2050

Strong regional economy fuels expected growth

A new forecast shows the central Puget sound region will grow to nearly 6 million people by 2050. 

That’s an average of about 55,000 more people per year.

For comparison, over the last two years, the region has experienced historically high levels of growth of 80,000+ people per year.

Continued job growth combined with an aging population are factors contributing to expected growth. 

The number of seniors as a share of the region’s total population nearly doubles from 2000 to 2030.

There is also an increase in working age adults (aged 20-64) who are migrating to the region to meet the labor force demands of the growing regional economy.

The region is forecast to add 1.2 million more jobs by 2050.

Forecast of job growth in the central Puget Sound region, 2017 to 2040

Key drivers of job growth are expected to be technology and a regional economy that continues to outperform the national economy.

This regional macroeconomic forecast is a “big picture” long-range forecast of jobs, population and households at the regional scale. It provides inputs to PSRC’s suite of models and analytical tools.

It also establishes the future growth assumptions that will be used to support development of VISION 2050, the next regional strategy to guide growth.

The forecast is developed by the PSRC with help and review by technical staff from state and local government.

The new forecast was released today at a meeting of the PSRC’s Executive Board, the local elected leaders who oversee the region’s planning.  View the presentation.