Regional Centers Framework Approved

Next steps include recognition of military installations

A new Centers Framework has been approved by PSRC's Executive Board. The Executive Board opted to vote on the new framework by requiring a two-thirds supermajority to pass. The new framework passed with 76% of the vote. Executive Board votes are weighted by population of the jurisdictions they represent.

The new Centers Framework:

  • Encourages larger Regional Growth Centers to plan for more growth
  • Creates a new path for designating Manufacturing Industrial Centers 
  • Provides an approach to re-designate existing regional centers 
  • Recognizes Major Military Installations 
  • Increases planning and performance for all centers
  • Establishes guidelines to designate countywide centers

The next steps for the framework are to update the Designation Procedures for New Centers, identify issues for the VISION 2050 Update, and work with countywide organizations on implementation of countywide centers. Work will also be conducted to determine how best to recognize major military installations as well as research of transportation funding sources for military base access.

Stay tuned for more information. Read about the rest of the meeting or watch the video of the meeting.