Regional data update

Briefing at Executive Board on Thursday

A regional data update on population, housing, jobs and passenger volumes at Sea-Tac will be a highlight of Thursday's Executive Board meeting.  PSRC staff will also demonstrate a new tool developed to help people explore Regional Household Survey Data.

PSRC has received a $350,000 grant from the state to conduct a Puget Sound Region Passenger-Only Ferry Study of the current conditions in 12 counties bordering Puget Sound as well as Lake Washington for potential routes. The board will hear about the upcoming study and is also slated to approve a budget amendment and contract authority for it.

The board will also be asked to change the status Sound Transit’s Federal Way Link extension project to reflect its progress and decide on transit funding distribution recommended by the Transportation Policy Board.

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live at 10 am on July 25, 2019.