Regional Economic Strategy adopted

Economic Development District Board will identify implementation priorities annually

The Economic Development District Board has unanimously adopted the Regional Economic Strategy, which establishes a blueprint for regional collaboration on economic development across King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

It also enables local jurisdictions and eligible organizations to qualify for funding under U.S. Economic Development Administration programs.

The strategy aims to address the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic – and look ahead to what needs to happen to support the region's long-term economic success. It is organized around three overarching goals:

  • Expanding economic opportunity
  • Maintaining global competitiveness
  • Sustaining a high quality of life

It identifies a total of 23 broad strategies, and more than 160 detailed implementation actions organized around these three goals. These implementation actions represent both existing and future efforts, to be accomplished by various regional partners, highlighted in the strategy’s Implementation Matrix.

The Economic Development District has an important role to play in the region’s economic success. In conjunction with the adoption of this strategy, the board adopted a set of 2022 Focus Areas to reflect its workplan for the first year of implementation.

Over the next five years, the EDD board will update its workplan annually to help the region continue to collaborate and reach its goals on these important areas.

Looking forward, the region recognizes the continued uncertainty inherent in the economic situation that the world faces. The Regional Economic Strategy lays the foundation for addressing these challenges while being flexible enough to respond to conditions as they evolve.

The region’s future success relies on the ability of leaders to mobilize together to take action on what’s inside this strategy to turn its challenges into strengths.

You can find the latest draft of the new strategy here.  The board made some last minute changes that staff is working to include in a final report later this month.