Regional Economic Strategy work underway

To be discussed by economic development board

The Central Puget Sound Economic Development District Board will review the work underway to update the Regional Economic Strategy on May 5 -- including a discussion on the implementation status of the Economic Development District Board’s adopted focus areas for 2021.
In addition, the board will hear from Greater Seattle Partners on its Regional Recovery Framework. The Partners have convened a Task Force to lead this work. They have identified a portfolio of regional, evidence-based initiatives aimed at creating more good jobs and successful BIPOC-and women-owned firms, improve the quality and diversity of jobs in key sectors, develop diverse talent, and connect people to jobs by reducing geographic and other barriers. In May and June of 2021, the Task Force will work to design initiatives, and develop a fundraising strategy and organizational structure. A draft of the recovery plan is expected to be released in 2021.

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live on Wednesday, May 5 at 1 pm. You can also listen by phone at 877- 853-5257 and enter Meeting ID: 922 5862 5026 and Passcode: 437253.

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