Regional Household Travel Survey underway

How much have your travel patterns changed?

PSRC is conducting a regional travel study to better understand the transportation needs and preferences of the region’s residents.

Thousands of residents in the area will receive invitations to participate in this important transportation study sometime between April and June 2021.

“We experienced an unprecedented change in travel behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Josh Brown, PSRC’s Executive Director. “This survey will help decision makers understand those impacts as they continue to plan improvements in the transportation system.”

Having a complete picture of travel patterns helps produce better plans for the future. For example, what role can transit, biking and walking play in improving regional mobility? Will working from home and online shopping continue to grow in the future?

PSRC conducted similar studies in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019. The 2021 study will provide up-to-date information and help planners understand how people adjusted during the pandemic.  

Resource Systems Group, Inc. (RSG) is administering the survey on behalf of PSRC. A random sample of the region’s households will be invited by first-class mail to participate in the survey and will have the option of completing the survey online or by telephone. 

The survey will involve questions about general household information as well as travel details for a given weekday. The study privacy policy describes how any sensitive or personal information is handled and used. The aggregated data will be used for analysis and modeling purposes.

Translation services are available. Español | Spanish,  中文 | Chinese,  한국 | Korean,  Русский | Russian, Tagalog,  Tiếng việt | Vietnamese,  Soomaali | Somali.  If you received the household travel study invitation in the mail and need assistance to take it in your language, please call 1-844-807-4540.