Regional leaders join Economic Development Board

Diverse representation from public and private sectors

Nearly two dozen leaders are beginning their terms as members of the Economic Development Board in 2018.

In addition to new members representing the region's jurisdictions, six community, education and business leaders are starting two-year terms as presidential appointments. 

These are members appointed by the board's president, Councilmember Terry Ryan, and help foster diverse perspectives in the region’s economic development work. 

Economic Development Board Presidential Appointments

Neepaporn “A” Boungjaktha
Neepaporn “A” Boungjaktha
Trade Dev. Alliance

Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark
Argosy Cruises &
Tillicum Excursion

Tom Florino
Tom Florino

Caroline King
Caroline King 
Washington STEM

Alex Pietsch
Alex Pietsch 
Washington State University

Tony To
Tony To, HomeSight
(a returning board member)


The board also welcomed a big group of new members and alternates who represent the region’s jurisdictions on the board:

Councilmember Lydia Assefa-Dawson, Alternate,
City of Federal Way/Other Cities in King County 

Councilmember Mariah Bettise,
City of Issaquah/Other Cities in King County

Commissioner Ryan Calkins, Port of Seattle

Councilmember Shawn Cucciardi, Alternate, City of Port Orchard/Other Cities in Kitsap

Mayor Cassie Franklin, City of Everett

Councilmember Kevin Gorman, Alternate, City of Bremerton

Deputy Mayor Nick Harper, Alternate,City of Everett

Councilmember Lillian Hunter, City of Tacoma

Councilmember Tom King, Alternate, City of Marysville/Other Cities in Snohomish County

Councilmember Conrad Lee, City of Bellevue

Jay Mills, Alternate, The Suquamish Tribe

Councilmember Jared Nieuwenhuis, Alternate, City of Bellevue

Councilmember Ed Prince, City of Renton/Other Cities in King County

Councilmember Shannon Reynolds, City of Fircrest/Other Cities in Pierce County

Councilmember Dan Roach, Alternate, Pierce County

Deputy Mayor Sheree Wen,  Alternate, City of Medina, Other Cities in King Co.

Mayor Greg Wheeler, City of Bremerton


The PSRC Economic Development Board is the federally designated economic development district for the central Puget Sound region covering King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties.

The board’s current focus is implementation of the newly adopted regional economic strategy, Amazing Place. Key action items are a commercial space sector study and landing the new Boeing Midmarket Aircraft for the region.

The board’s next meeting will be May 2, 2018.