Regional Transportation Plan in final stages of approval

Executive Board scheduled to act on April 26

The draft Regional Transportation Plan has been revised to reflect public input and Transportation Policy Board direction based on comments received since the plan was released for review in December. The new draft is available here

The Executive Board will have its final opportunity to weigh in on the new plan and provide any last direction to staff at its April 26 meeting when the board is scheduled to recommend adoption by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly is PSRC's governing board comprised of elected leaders from all of its member jurisdictions. Registration is open for its meeting on May 31, 2018 at the Sanctuary Seattle at the Mark. 

The Regional Transportation Plan describes how the region is planning to improve transportation over the next two decades. 

The recommended plan supports the Regional Growth Strategy, provides transportation choices and improves access to jobs, opportunity, and destinations. The plan improves reliability of the system, air quality, and water quality and offers a new financial strategy to deliver investments.

Overall, the public comments received showed support for the draft plan and the investments and policies contained within. 

The Executive Board will also be making a recommendation to the General Assembly on the Biennial Budget and Work Program and will discuss the VISION 2050 update.

See the full agenda here or watch the meeting live on Thursday, April 26, 2018.