Report on COVID-19 Mobility Survey now available

Findings show how people adapted

The University of Washington and the Puget Sound Regional Council have been working together to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our daily schedules, lifestyle choices, and mental well-being.

A new report with detailed results from the survey is now available.

Between the end of April and early June, more than 4,500 individuals from around the country participated in the University of Washington’s COVID-19 Mobility Survey.

About three-quarters of these respondents, more than 3,400 people, live in the central Puget Sound region, including King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. The data collected through this survey provides a snapshot of how people adapted in the early phase of the pandemic.

Among some of the findings:

  • Approximately one-quarter of respondents reported feeling more productive (24%). Those living with partners reported higher rates of feeling more productive.
  • Those living with children or friends and relatives reported feeling less productive.
  • Feeling more productive was attributed to having more time due to not having to commute and having less interference from co-workers.
  • Feeling less productive was attributed to less efficient communication.

The survey also asked questions about trip-making habits before and after COVID-19, shopping habits, exercise, sleep quality and other lifestyle adjustments and indicators of mental wellbeing.

A second survey, tentatively scheduled for mid-October, will explore ways that individuals have adapted more recently, as guidelines and restrictions have been relaxed and people have established their fall schedules. 

The results from this survey reflect an unprecedented time. The shifts in mobility patterns and behavior reflected in these survey findings may have important implications for future planning efforts, including commute trip reduction and regional traffic congestion mitigation.

For information on results from the first survey, see the UW COVID-19 Mobility Survey Results report. For highlights, check out our earlier blog post: Survey shows ups and downs of working from home.