Ride to Remember Oso on March 19

Ride to commemorate third anniversary of Oso slide

The communities of Arlington and Darrington are hosting a bicycle ride and community event on March 19 to commemorate the third anniversary of  the Oso slide.

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to remember Oso on March 19, 2017.

The ride will “remember those who were lost and affected by the slide, recognize how far our communities have come, by celebrating our resilience and the completion of Arlington and Darrington’s America’s Best Communities projects,” said Arlington Mayor Barb Tolbert and Darrington Mayor Dan Rankin.

The towns have been competing in the America’s Best Communities program. As quarter finalists, they received $50,000 to develop a community revitalization plan.

Twelve economic revitalization projects were borne out of that plan and as the communities advanced to the finals, they received $100,000 to begin implementing them. To date this has included, place making improvements, community wi-fi hot spots and development of a youth council.

On April 19, the towns will find out if they have been awarded the grand prize of up to $3 million for first place, $2 million for second, or $1 million for third.

Congratulations, Arlington and Darrington on your success with this grant program and on coming together to rebuild after the tragic events of March 22, 2014.