Roy Yelm Prairie Line Trail receives PSRC funding

Planning study for 4.8-mile trail linking two rural cities

Roy and Yelm are working together on a new bicycle and pedestrian trail that will connect the two cities.

In September PSRC’s Executive Board approved $45,000 in Rural Town Centers and Corridors funding for a planning study of the section of the trail from Roy to the Nisqually River within Pierce County.

The project will ultimately provide an off-street bicycle and pedestrian trail between the downtown cores of the two rural small cities.

Today the only way to bike or walk between Roy and Yelm is via State Highway 507, which has high traffic volumes, vehicle speeds from 35 to 50 mph, and almost no dedicated bicycle or pedestrian facilities.

Yelm Prairie Line trailhead
The Roy to Yelm trail will connect to the Yelm-Tenino/Prairie Line Trail that links every major town in Thurston County.

The trail will also establish a trailhead anchor for the future town commons park in the heart of Roy.

The Tacoma Washington Bike Club and Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition provided $7,023 in matching funds for the grant.

Between 2005 and 2019, PSRC’s Rural Town Centers and Corridors program has provided $21.4 million to support 42 priority projects in the region’s smaller towns and cities.