Rural and Transit Funding Actions

On Deck at Transportation Policy Board

PSRC has been funding projects through the Rural Town Centers and Corridors Program since 2005. 

At its meeting on July 11, the Transportation Policy Board will release for public comment a list of projects for $5 million in funding for rural transportation projects as well as a contingency list of projects that could receive funding if any becomes available. 

In addition, the board will be briefed on the annual FTA adjustment, which will provide an additional $39.8 million in transit funding to the region. Two projects are out for public comment right now as a result of this increase. 

The board will also make a recommendation on changing the project status to approved for Sound Transit's Federal Way Link Extension Project.

Briefings will include the upcoming Passenger-Only Ferry Study and VISION 2050. 

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live at 9:30 am on July 11.