School siting briefing at Growth Management Policy Board

Virtual meeting on February 4

As the region continues to grow, new schools and classrooms will be needed to accommodate a growing school-aged population.

On February 4, the Growth Management Policy Board will discuss a draft briefing paper on school siting.

The briefing paper aims to better understand local issues and priorities for school siting. School locations have important impacts on communities and on transportation, land use patterns, and community services.

The growth board agenda will also include:

  • Growth-related bills under consideration by the Legislature in 2021
  • VISION 2050 implementation action items
  • PSRC’s draft budget and work program

View the full agenda.

The meeting will be held virtually on February 4, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. In accordance with the Governor's proclamations, the PSRC's offices are closed to the public and no in-person meetings are permitted. You can follow the meeting via live stream at