Seeking public comment on proposed changes to PSRC funding program

Project Selection Task Force recommendations

PSRC is seeking public comment on revisions to the upcoming project selection process for about $580 million in PSRC funding. The public comment period will run from December 15, 2021 until January 5, 2022.

In early 2021, an ad hoc task force of PSRC board members was established to review the policy framework for PSRC’s federal transportation funding process in 2022.

Among other things, the Project Selection Task Force has made the following recommendations:

  • Develop an Equity Pilot Program
  • Strengthen criteria for equity and safety and include as stand-alone scoring elements

The Equity Pilot Program would be funded through a set aside of 5% of PSRC’s Federal Highway Administration Surface Transportation Block Grant Program funds. PSRC would work with its new Equity Advisory Committee on the development and parameters of this program beginning in July 2022. 

The draft 2022 Policy Framework for PSRC’s Federal Funds and information on the proposed revisions are available for review and comment at

How to make a comment:

The Transportation Policy Board will review comments received on the proposed changes to the project selection process at its meeting on January 13, 2022. The Executive Board is expected to finalize the framework on January 27, 2022.


Consideration for funding distribution should include metrics for sustainability that is independent and verifiable. It would be great if PSRC included points for projects that include an independent rating of projects like the Greenroads rating system. This is in line with intent of the state and federal leadership to create a more sustainable and resilient transportation system.

Thanks you for the opportunity to comment. Jesse