Shiv Batra gets final spot on state Transportation Commission

Governor Jay Inslee has appointed Shiv Batra of Mercer Island to the last open spot on the Washington State Transportation Commission.

[caption id="attachment_8590" align="alignleft" width="300"]Shiv Batra of Mercer Island is the newest member of the Washington State Transportation Commission. Shiv Batra of Mercer Island is the newest member of the Washington State Transportation Commission.[/caption]

“Our state is experiencing population growth and a strong economy – it means we’re doing great things that attract great people to Washington, but it also means more demand on our already strained transportation system,” Inslee said.  “We must continually assess better ways to move people and goods. Shiv experiences these challenges every day, and has the skill set and expertise to enhance the commission’s work on congestion management and long-term funding sustainability for our statewide transportation system.”

Batra is well known in the region having served on numerous boards and committees related to transportation, including Bellevue Downtown Association, Eastside Transportation Committee, and the King County Transit Task Force. He served on PSRC's Transportation Policy Board from April 2003 to June of 2010 representing the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. Batra is expected to share a role on PSRC's Transportation Policy and Executive boards with fellow Commission member Hester Serebrin.

“I have spent my entire life working professionally in the surface transportation and water-borne navigation sector and see all modes of the transportation system as the foundation of our economy and an instrumental part of our lives,” Batra said.  “We need good roads, rails, transit and a robust, multimodal transportation system in order to live, play and work. Our region faces great challenges in this regard as we witness increasing population growth, and with that growth, increased congestion. Our future is bright, but we must advance our transportation thinking to evolve and change with our changing population.

Batra brings expertise in engineering and technology to the commission, which meets next on February 17 and 18.