Skykomish Roundabout receives PSRC Funding

Preliminary Engineering and Design for project on US 2

The Town of Skykomish has been working with the Washington State Department of Transportation on a gateway solution to its town center that can help lessen the impacts of US 2 traffic on its town center.

PSRC has approved $259,500 in Rural Town Centers and Corridors Funding program funding for preliminary engineering and design of a roundabout on US 2 at 5th Street North, the main access point to the Town of Skykomish off US 2.

The project will address mobility for vehicles entering and exiting the Town, install pedestrian and bicycle accommodations including sidewalks, paths and crosswalks where none currently exist, and improve safety with lowered vehicle speeds.

The roundabout is also an opportunity for Skykomish to increase its visibility and stimulate local businesses that serve the numerous all-season outdoor recreational activities available nearby.

Between 2005 and 2019, PSRC’s Rural Town Centers and Corridors program has provided $21.4 million to support 42 priority projects in the region’s smaller towns and cities.


I would prefer to see a flashing your speed sign installed in the West and East bound entrances into this area. Either that or have this area patrolled by law enforcement officers and actually start passing out some infractions. Thanks Keith