Special Needs Transportation

Hear from Pierce County Human Services

Special Needs Transportation will be the highlight of the Transportation Policy Board meeting on May 9. 

The board will welcome Jerri Kelly from Pierce County Human Services for a report on the special needs transportation services they provide, including Beyond the Borders, an accessible demand response for people with special transportation needs outside of Pierce Transit's district boundaries. She will also talk about the Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition, which brings together diverse stakeholders to address the mobility needs of some of the region's most vulnerable populations. 

PSRC will also provide a summary of results from the 2019-2021 Consolidated Grant Program competition and an overview of PSRC’s upcoming special needs transportation work.

The board will also discuss a new Passenger Only Ferry study to be conducted by PSRC and funded by the Legislature, as well as the 2019 work program for implementing the Regional Transportation Plan.

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live at 10 am next Thursday.