Sumner-Pacific Manufacturing Industrial Center moves to full designation

Executive Board certifies subarea plan

The region’s newest manufacturing industrial center has taken the final step toward full designation by PSRC.

The Sumner-Pacific center was provisionally approved in 2016. Since then, the two cities have prepared a subarea plan to support the continued growth of industrial and manufacturing jobs in the area. 

The plan also supports enhancement of the White River floodplain to reduce flooding impacts and restore natural habitat. 

The Executive Board certified the subarea plan on January 24. 

The Sumner-Pacific center is one of nine manufacturing industrial centers (MICs) in the region, and the third designated in Pierce County (see map).

It is home to the REI Distribution Center, Amazon, Brooks Sports, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Pacific Northwest Baking Company (known for baking millions of sesame seed buns for McDonald’s each year).

Manufacturing industrial centers are places that are expected to accommodate a significant share of regional employment growth, support the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the region’s economy, and promote efficient use of land and provision of infrastructure.

Regional growth centers and MICs receive priority for PSRC’s federal transportation funding.

The Sumner-Pacific MIC encompasses 2,160 acres, with approximately 90 percent in Sumner and 10 percent in Pacific.