Survey: Most residents rate region highly

Quality of life rated well by 65%

In March 2018, PSRC conducted a statistically valid survey of 2,000 people in the region as part of gathering input to shape the scope of VISION 2050. 

The survey showed that 65% of the region’s residents rate the quality of life positively in the region, citing the natural environment, climate and outdoor recreation as top assets.

65% of region’s residents rate quality of life as good here

The survey results also showed strong support for working together as a region on growth issues. 

67% of region’s residents favor working together on growth

The Executive Board was briefed on the survey as well as the overall results of the VISION 2050 Scoping Process, which included five listening sessions in addition to the survey. See the full presentation on the scoping process here

We still want to hear from you! You can take a shorter version of the survey in multiple languages here.

What is this all about?

The region is preparing for growth in the coming decades — about 1.8 million more people and 1.2 million more jobs by 2050. VISION 2050 will build on the region’s existing plan to keep the central Puget Sound region healthy and vibrant as it grows and will consider updated information and perspectives about a changing region. The plan will identify the challenges the region should tackle together and renew the vision for the next 30 years. PSRC is seeking community input to shape the plan.

The Regional Growth Strategy helps to coordinate the local growth and transportation plans developed by cities and counties to make sure they are consistent with the Growth Management Act and regional transportation plans. It is an integrated, long-range vision for the future that lays out a strategy for maintaining a healthy region - promoting the well-being of people and communities, economic vitality, and a healthy environment.

More information on VISION 2050 and ongoing opportunities to get involved is available here