Take a survey on ultra-high-speed transportation

Connecting Vancouver, Seattle and Portland

Take a survey on ultra-high-speed rail and help shape the future of transportation in the region.

It’s part of a WSDOT-led study of ultra-high-speed ground transportation connecting major cities in the Cascadia corridor.

The survey asks about current travel patterns and how they might change in the future. It takes about 15 minutes.

Please use the survey code WSDOT to start the survey.  Begin survey

Information gathered from the survey will feed into a business case study.

Leaders are looking at ways to strengthen connections between the three largest cities in the Cascadia megaregion — Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, BC.

A major part of that vision is an ultra-high-speed transportation system that would dramatically shrink travel times between the cities.

More information is available on WSDOT’s Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation Study  web page.