Terry Ryan and Connie Ladenburg to lead Economic Development Board

Board to focus on implementation of regional economic strategy

Snohomish County Councilmember Terry Ryan has been named President of the Economic Development Board.  Pierce County Councilmember Connie Ladenburg was named Vice President.

Ryan and Ladenburg were elected unanimously at the annual meeting of the Economic Development District Board on February 7.

“I’m honored to take on the role of President for the next two years and work on realizing our region’s vision for a strong economy and safe, livable communities, creating good jobs and ensuring our region thrives for the long term,” said Ryan.

Councilmember Ryan has long been active in local and regional government roles. He served as vice president of the Economic Development Board for the past two years. He is also a member of PSRC’s Executive Board and Transportation Policy Board, and an alternate on the Growth Management Policy Board and Operations Committee.

Ryan was elected to the Snohomish County Council in 2014 and previously served as a Mill Creek Councilmember for 17 years, including four terms as mayor.  

New Vice President Connie Ladenburg has been an active member of the Economic Development Board and helped shape the development of the new regional economic strategy, Amazing Place. She also serves as an alternate on the Transportation Policy Board.

Prior to being elected to the Pierce County Council, Ladenburg served two terms on the Tacoma City Council and was a state representative for the 29th Legislative District from 2011-13.

“I’m looking forward to working together to build a strong economy and a great quality of life for communities all around the region, and ensuring that all voices in Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap and King counties are heard as we move forward on implementing the regional economic strategy,” said Ladenburg.

Councilmember Ryan lauded outgoing board president Catherine Stanford, Deputy Mayor of Lake Forest Park, for her outstanding public service and dedication to regional economic development.