Total vehicle miles in region increase slightly

But per person miles are down

Total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the central Puget Sound region increased by half a percent in 2017, continuing a trend observed over the last few years.

The uptick in total VMT is consistent across all four counties in the region.

Although overall VMT grew, daily per person miles traveled decreased 1.5 percent. The 2017 estimate of 21.5 miles per capita is well below the peak of 24 miles per person per day in the late 1990s.

The modest increase in total VMT is happening in a time of robust job and population growth in the region. Between 2010-2017, total VMT increased by 5 percent, half as fast as population and only a quarter as fast as employment.

In contrast, transit boardings in the region increased 19 percent during the same time period.

For more information on vehicle miles traveled, including statewide VMT trends, check out the latest issue of Puget Sound Trends.