Transit funding competition nearing decision point

The Regional FTA Caucus will recommend projects for funding on April 11

The regional competition selects a limited number of high priority regional transit projects that support centers and connecting corridors. Roughly $32 million is available.

PSRC launched the Regional Federal Transit Administration funding competition in February.

Applications for funding were due in March.

Fifteen projects requested funding:

  • Community Transit: Swift BRT Orange Line Project Development
  • King County Marine: West Seattle Passenger Only Ferry Terminal Relocation
  • King County Metro: KCM Service Expansion Battery Electric Bus Service
  • King County Metro: King County Metro Fleet Expansion (Route 120/RapidRide H Line)
  • King County Metro: King County Metro System Expansion: Eighth Base
  • King County Metro: Shared Mobility Retrofits at King County Metro Park & Rides
  • Pierce Transit: Corridor Improvements for Transit Speed & Reliability
  • Seattle: Rainier Rapid Ride Corridor
  • Seattle: Roosevelt Rapid Ride Corridor
  • Sound Transit: Purchase 11 New High Capacity Transit Buses
  • Sound Transit: Puyallup Station Access Improvements
  • Sound Transit: Sounder Vehicle Procurement
  • Sumner: SR 410 – Traffic Ave/E Main Interchange Improvements
  • Washington State Ferries: Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock – Bicycle Access
  • Washington State Ferries: Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock Pedestrian Overhead Loading 

Project sponsors presented their proposed projects to the Regional FTA Caucus on March 27.

The Regional FTA Caucus will meet on April 11 at 10:30 to develop a funding recommendation, which will go to the Transportation Operators Committee on April 26 before going to the Transportation Policy Board. 

The Transportation Policy Board is scheduled to release the recommendation for public comment on May 11. 

This is the final component of the overall 2016 project selection process for PSRC’s FHWA and FTA funds.