Transit projects recommended for regional FTA funding

Funding for bus rapid transit and light rail

Bus rapid transit lines in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties are among the projects recommended to receive the regional share of PSRC’s Federal Transit Administration funding.

The regional competition for FTA funding is part of PSRC's 2018 Project Selection process that is awarding about $533 million in federal transportation funds. 

Other competitions distribute the regional and countywide shares of FHWA funding.

PSRC is responsible for project selection for federal funds flowing to the region using a merit-based process. The details and procedures are established in the 2018 Policy Framework for PSRC’s Federal Funds.

In addition to the $24 million in regional FTA funding, the region’s transit agencies also receive their “earned shares” based on the service provided to customers.

In total, the transit agencies will receive $342 million, which pays for things like bus purchases and maintenance.

The Transportation Policy Board approved the funding recommendation on July 12.  The Executive Board is scheduled to take final action on July 26.