Transportation Improvement Program

Recommendation expected by Transportation Policy Board

The 2021-2024 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) will be the main topic of the October 8 Transportation Policy Board meeting. 

The draft TIP includes the $525 million in projects selected for PSRC's federal transportation funds. It details a total of 315 projects in the region programmed for $4.3 billion during 2021-2024, representing a total investment of $15.6 billion in overall project costs. 

The board will review the public comments received to date and will make a recommendation to the Executive Board, which meets on October 22. 

 The board will also discuss performance metrics in the development of the Regional Transportation Plan.

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live on October 8 at 9:30 am. 


I recently retired and moved to Gig Harbor from Seattle, hoping to find a peaceful, quiet place to spend the last phase of my life. It is already noisier here than I anticipated, but nevertheless I love my home and this community. I most ardently oppose any expansion of the airport. If this expansion is going to occur I would like to know as soon as possible. I will definitely be moving away and fear that property values will drop significantly. So the sooner I know the better. I really hope we can preserve the residential nature of this setting, but request timely updates be made public in any case.