Transportation projects to be reviewed Thursday

16 projects seeking TIP amendment

Sixteen projects have been submitted for routine amendment into the Transportation Improvement Program this month. 

The projects are in all four counties of the region and were submitted by five agencies. All were awarded local, state and/or federal funding through various processes, such as the Connecting Washington funds managed by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

PSRC staff reviewed the projects for compliance with federal and state requirements, and consistency with VISION 2040 and Transportation 2040.

The amendment would include $10,460,000 in local funding for preliminary engineering of the new Roosevelt Rapid Ride Line,  $39,477,657 in funding for phase two of Port of Everett's South Terminal Modernization Project, $6,537,545 for Pierce Transit to replace 9 buses with clean fuel coaches, and $41,765,200 for WSDOT Olympic Region to remove a fish barrier on SR3 at Chico Creek. 

The Transportation Policy Board is scheduled to recommend approval of this amendment at its meeting on Thursday. 

See the full agenda or watch it live at 9:30 on September 14, 2017, here