Understanding displacement of current residents as the region grows

New tool analyzes displacement risk of the Regional Growth Strategy alternatives

Displacement of current residents is a concern as the region grows.

Displacement can be physical, when building conditions deteriorate or redevelopment occurs. Or it can be economic, as costs rise.

PSRC has developed a displacement risk tool to identify areas at greater risk of displacement based on current neighborhood conditions.

Map showing displacement risk in Puget Sound region. Call TTY Relay 711 for more information.
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Between now and the year 2050, the central Puget Sound region is expected to grow by an additional 1.8 million residents and 830,000 households.

Increased population and strong employment growth can lead to pressure on housing prices and lead to displacement.

The VISION 2050 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) examines how much of the growth between now and 2050 is planned for areas of higher displacement risk under the three Regional Growth Strategy alternatives.

Under all alternatives, lower-income households in affordable urban neighborhoods have the potential to be displaced by higher-income households unless adequate affordable housing opportunities, policies, or supportive services are provided.

Increasing housing supply and retaining current housing could help to mitigate displacement of existing residents.

Over the long term, providing a variety of housing options affordable to a range of incomes has the potential to alleviate cost burden, specifically for low-income households, and provide greater opportunities for households to live in homes that meet their needs, now and in the future.

More information on the impacts of the Regional Growth Strategy alternatives and potential mitigation measures can be found in the VISION 2050 Draft Environmental Impact Statement, open for public comment through April 29, 2019.

More information on what PSRC is doing to plan for an equitable region is available at https://www.psrc.org/equity.