UW named a Beyond Traffic Innovation Center

The USDOT has released a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s current traffic, infrastructure and funding challenges, Beyond Traffic 2045.

In an effort to bring about improvements to the status quo, 18 innovation centers were named to lead research on solving these problems in “megaregions” throughout the country.

The University of Washington will represent the Pacific Northwest.

Beyond Traffic launched a national conversation about how our country will change in the next 30 years, often in ways that seriously test our transportation system. Our educational institutions are critical to helping us solve these challenges,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “These designations will create a community of forward-thinking researchers, students, and thought leaders who will play an important role in ensuring our economy continues to grow, as we protect our planet and the American people through a safe, strong and sustainable transportation network for decades to come.”

The innovation centers are a new approach to solving transportation problems and the UW’s designation will likely benefit the region in multiple ways. PSRC has begun an update to Transportation 2040 that will look at transportation technology, congestion, climate change, infrastructure investment and preservation in the region over the next twenty plus years.