VISION 2050 adopted

Setting the course for region’s growth planning through 2050

The Puget Sound Regional Council has adopted VISION 2050, the long-range growth management, environmental, economic and transportation strategy for the central Puget Sound region.

“Over the last three years, PSRC has worked together with the region’s cities, counties, Tribes, ports, agencies, businesses, and communities to develop VISION 2050. We’ve worked hard to build consensus and develop a plan that prepares us for the future,” said PSRC President Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive.  “This year has demonstrated how quickly our world changes and the need to be nimble to changing conditions. We will be assessing how the region responds to COVID-19 and will be ready to make adjustments to keep our region on track.”

VISION 2050 charts the course for the region’s growth over the next 30 years. It is home to the region’s multicounty planning policies and a regional strategy for accommodating growth through 2050.

The plan seeks to enhance communities and equity for the region’s residents, support a strong economy, expand housing choices, clean up Puget Sound, and provide a comprehensive regional transportation system.

VISION 2050 supports continued growth in urban areas and preservation of rural areas and open space.  The plan focuses a significant share of job and population growth near transit.  

The Puget Sound Regional Council’s General Assembly adopted VISION 2050 in a remote meeting on October 29.

PSRC’s General Assembly includes elected representation from King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties, and more than 80 cities and towns, state agencies, transit agencies, ports, and Tribal governments.



Vision 2050 continues the false and fraudulent path of pretending we can use the worlds goods and manufacturing over local and be a sustainable community. The PSRC was formed under a lie and if that were not true you would be subject to the Administrative Procedure Act where the lie could face the scrutiny of a court.

You don't even allow public testimony anymore.

You are a worlds organization that has perpetrated a fraud on the American public.

You are my political enemy..

I will do everything I legally can to stop the PSRC.

John Worthington