VISION 2050 moving forward

Next up: Annexation, Transportation and Health topics on Jan 3

Regional policies on annexation, transportation and health are on the agenda for the next meeting of the Growth Management Policy Board on January 3.

The board is guiding development of VISION 2050, extending the region’s plan for growth another decade. The region is planning for 1.8 million more people and 1.2 million more jobs by 2050.


Changes in demographics, travel patterns, and technology are affecting how people get around.

Since the last major update to VISION in 2008, the state and region have made major progress in delivering new transportation infrastructure, including Link light rail, the new 520 bridge, the SR 99 tunnel, Kitsap fast ferries and more.

Potential new policies in VISION could address technology, freight and goods movement, and climate change and resilience.

Annexation and the Urban Growth Area

VISION includes a goal that all unincorporated lands within the Urban Growth Area will either annex into existing cities or incorporate as new cities.

Cities and counties are making progress. Approximately 70 percent of the urban unincorporated area has been affiliated, an increase of 10 percent since 2008.

The draft Annexation Background Paper provides an overview on annexation in VISION, trends, state law, and policy considerations.

Health and the Built Environment

Health is integrated in multicounty planning policies throughout the current plan.

Regional policies encourage healthy neighborhood design, access to and production of healthy food, active transportation alternatives, a safe transportation system, improved air and water quality, and preservation of the natural environment.

Proposed changes in VISION 2050 would include adding information about health disparities based on place, race and income. 

See the draft Health Background Paper for more information.

The board will also discuss the non-policy and narrative sections of the VISION 2050 document and hear a presentation on the FY 2020-2021 budget and work program.

The meeting will be Thursday, January 3, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., at PSRC. You can learn more in the agenda packet or by watching the meeting video.