VISION 2050 nearing adoption

Executive Board poised to recommend plan

VISION 2050 will chart the course for the region’s growth over the next 30 years. It was recommended unanimously by the Growth Management Policy Board last December.  

The plan seeks to enhance communities and equity for the region’s residents, support a strong economy, expand housing choices, clean up Puget Sound, and provide a comprehensive regional transportation system.

VISION 2050 supports continued growth in urban areas and preservation of rural areas and open space.  The plan focuses a significant share of job and population growth near transit.  

The Executive Board reviewed the recommendation in July. A few amendments and minor changes are under final consideration this week.

The board amendments are related to rural areas in Snohomish County and to housing regionwide. Staff is also recommending some minor changes and language to acknowledge the impact of COVID-19 and the historic wave of recent protests for racial justice.

The General Assembly is scheduled to adopt VISION 2050 on October 29.

View the full agenda here or watch the meeting live at 10 am on September 24.