VISION 2050 outreach underway

Join us at public events or explore the online open house

How do you want your community to grow and prosper over the coming decades? What regional policies do you support and what might be missing?

These are questions that PSRC has been asking people around the region since releasing the draft VISION 2050 plan on July 19.

To hear from folks about how and where the region will grow, PSRC has been organizing open houses and attending community events.  Four open houses have been held so far, in Everett, Tacoma, Bellevue, and Seattle. 

Tomorrow we’re hosting an open house in Port Orchard. PSRC also hosted a booth at the Pierce County Fair in Graham on August 9 and over 100 residents stopped by to hear about PSRC and VISION 2050.

We also offer an online open house that allows people to read about VISION 2050 and provide comments when it’s convenient for them. Social media and partnering with member jurisdictions and community partners has helped extend the reach of this outreach campaign.

Regional planning is only successful if the region’s residents participate in the process.  If you have attended one of PSRC’s events or visited the online open house, we thank you!

If you have not had a chance to learn about the draft VISION 2050 plan or send us your comments, there is still time!  The public comment period goes through September 16. Check out one of the following events or visit the online open house.

Upcoming events: