VISION 2050 public comments focus on climate, equity, housing and more

Growth policy board to take up draft plan on October 3

On October 3, the Growth Management Policy Board will receive an overview of public comments on the draft VISION 2050 plan.

PSRC invited people to review and comment on the draft plan during a 60-day comment period that ended September 16.

Some common themes expressed in the more than 500 comments received included support for action on climate change, concerns about growth impacts to rural areas, and desire that the region do more to provide affordable housing.  

Comments also addressed impacts from aviation, the fiscal challenges faced by cities and counties, the need for more coordination with tribes, and other topics.

At the meeting, the board will also revisit key topics that members have identified for further review in the draft plan:  the Regional Growth Strategy, climate change, and jobs/housing balance.   

Based on direction from the board, staff will develop additional information or amendments on major issues for the next meeting. 

Find the full agenda here or watch the meeting video on Thursday, October 3, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.