What's next for the region's commercial space sector?

Study proposed as action for Amazing Place

The Economic Development Board will discuss a proposed study of the region’s commercial space sector at its meeting on December 6.

Local companies continue to be at the forefront of all aspects of space exploration. Blue Origin is leading the way with a new era of reusable rockets. Spaceflight Industries is supporting testing and launch of satellite missions. SpaceX, with an office in Redmond, is developing launch vehicles that are revolutionizing the market.

The commercial space sector study will help the region better understand the competitive environment the region faces for future jobs and investments in this sector. The board could adopt the study as an action item for Amazing Place, the regional economic strategy. 

Also on the board’s agenda is an action item to support efforts to secure design, production and final assembly of Boeing’s new middle-of-the-market airplane (NMA) in Washington state.

The Boeing Company has released early details of the jet, which include a widebody composite fuselage and other composite components.

As a global leader in aerospace manufacturing, the region is well positioned to be the final assembly site for the NMA, and for future Boeing planes.

You can find the full Economic Development Board agenda here. The meeting will be Wednesday, December 6, 1-3 p.m., at PSRC. Attend in person or watch the meeting video.