Youth outreach for the Regional Transportation Plan

Help shape the future

PSRC staff Zoomed with middle and high school students in Arlington, Edmonds and Issaquah, and youth from across Pierce and Kitsap counties over the last few months as part of the outreach process for the Regional Transportation Plan.

Local elected officials also participated in the discussions and shared more details about the kinds of transportation changes happening in their cities.

Example of mapping activity from Issaquah

Youth participants agreed that the future of transportation will be:

  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Efficient
  • Accessible for people with different mobility needs
  • Safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Flexible
  • Driven by innovative technologies and ideas

Students also created digital imagery of what they think transportation will look like in 2050 and mapped where and how they travel, noting hard to reach places they would like to go.

Overall, the students mentioned some common struggles in getting around, including where bus stops are located, how safe they feel biking or taking transit by themselves, long drives, traffic, parking in busy areas, and inconvenient weather. They also mentioned going for more walks in their neighborhoods with friends during the pandemic.

If you know of a youth commission, council, or other organization based in the central Puget Sound region that would be interested in participating in transportation outreach, please contact Maggie Moore at We’d love to meet with you!



Have you all considered linking this to youth career opportunities (high school CTE) in this sector? Have you connected with the Seattle/King County Workforce Development Council? OSPI?

Thanks for your suggestion!