Toolbox Peer Networking Series

TOOLBOX Peer Networking Series is a series focused on best practices and resources for local planning and implementation. Each work session will provide information, resources, and tools and include a panel presentation and breakout discussions.

Sessions are open to the public. Bring your lunch. Water will be provided.


Upcoming Session: Partnerships to Tackle Big Problems

Date: November 21, 12 - 3 pm

Location: PSRC, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle

Topic: Partnerships to Tackle Big Problems

The region is facing big challenges with local, regional and global implications – climate change, the opioid crisis, and housing affordability – just to name a few. Planners are seeking ways to make far-reaching and fundamental social change on a variety of major issues at the local level. Through increased collaboration and creating likely and unlikely partnerships, many efforts can have a greater impact.

This work session will take a “deep dive” into this complex topic, with a three-hour session that includes an overview of new models for collaboration and small group activities for attendees to brainstorm how they can create partnerships to tackle big problems.

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