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New funding for Housing Action Plans

The Washington State Department of Commerce is seeking applications for its new Housing Action Plan and Implementation Grant program.  Applications are due October 7. This is welcome news. PSRC’s recent work to develop the Regional Housing Strategy showed that the region has a backlog of 45-50,000 housing units just to meet today’s needs and will need approximately 800,000 new housing units by 2050.

Region added about 165 people per day over the last decade

Data from the 2020 Census shows the central Puget Sound region added another 600,000 people in the last 10 years. The population now stands at 4.3 million, up from 3.7 million in 2010. To put that in perspective, we’ve added about the equivalent of two Kitsap counties since the last census count. Seattle grew the most in raw numbers, whereas Kirkland had the highest percentage growth. Find out more.

Region is becoming more diverse

The 2020 Census also shows a shift towards a more diverse region. Whites were the only racial group that did not increase during the last decade. All others grew. People of Asian descent increased by 56% and Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders grew by 54%. The region’s Hispanic/Latinx population swelled by 46%.  See the numbers.

Reliable childcare bolsters the economy

One lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the availability of childcare has major economic impacts. A recent report from the Washington Child Care Collaborative Task Force highlights that lack of access to affordable childcare keeps over 133,000 potential workers out of Washington’s labor force. Some actions in the Regional Economic Strategy to help address this challenge include working to expand childcare facilities and to improve wages and benefits for childcare workers. Learn more and tell us what you think.

Provide feedback on the Regional Economic Strategy by September 15

We tried something new this year. Over the summer, we’ve invited people to learn about the region’s economic challenges and opportunities and offer early feedback through a new online engagement website. The goal was to better understand people’s needs, learn more about existing efforts to improve the regional economy, and hear ideas for increased regional coordination. The Economic Development District will come together in October to finalize the strategy for public comment and adoption this fall. Weigh in before September 15 to help shape the draft strategy.

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