Aries at Bitter Lake in Seattle Wins VISION 2050 Award

SEATTLE-- The housing development Aries at Bitter Lake has won a VISION 2050 Award from the Puget Sound Regional Council. The VISION 2050 Awards celebrate progress ­to enhance the region’s communities and natural environment while advancing equity and opportunity for all.  The awards recognize innovative work in the region to create a better future for central Puget Sound.

The Aries at Bitter Lake is an innovative, transit-oriented affordable housing community designed to foster vibrant urban living. Located in the Bitter Lake neighborhood of Seattle, the development provides 200 affordable homes for individuals and families earning lower incomes (50%-60% AMI). The Aries is located near many community amenities and public transportation. This property was developed and is managed by Bellwether Housing, a nonprofit affordable housing provider, and it was designed by SMR Architects and constructed by Walsh Construction Co. 

“The Aries at Bitter Lake is a beautiful development that accomplished many goals in one project,” says Josh Brown, PSRC Executive Director. “Over half the units are 2 or 3 bedrooms for families, there is a secure play area, the artwork was created as part of a community festival, and the building materials and utilities used the best sustainability practices. The Aries at Bitter Lake is also an excellent example of what can come from great programs. This project was the first from the new Evergreen Impact Housing Fund, used new City of Seattle incentives for affordable housing, and was built to Washington State’s Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards using Walsh Construction’s Cost-Efficient Design and Construction Principles.”

The award will be presented at the City of Seattle’s Housing and Human Services Committee Meeting on June 12. This is an open public meeting and if anyone wants to watch they can join in person in Council Chamber at Seattle City Hall or watch online live at the

VISION 2050 is the region’s plan for growth. By 2050, the region's population will reach 5.8 million people. The region’s cities, counties, Tribes, ports, agencies, businesses, and communities have worked together to develop VISION 2050 to prepare for this growth and serve as a guide for sustaining a healthy environment, thriving communities and a strong economy.

About PSRC 

The mission of Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is to advance solutions to achieve a thriving, racially equitable and sustainable central Puget Sound region through leadership, visionary planning and collaboration. PSRC is composed of nearly 100 members in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties, including the four county governments, cities and towns, ports, state and local transportation agencies and Tribal governments within the region. 

About Bellwether Housing

Bellwether Housing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to create housing for lower wage workers to have access to safe, affordable housing close to their jobs in the core of the City. After 44 years of success, growth, and diversifying our housing to serve a broad range of low-income people, Bellwether is the Puget Sound region’s largest local nonprofit affordable housing provider. 

Today we serve more than 6,000 residents in 3,500 apartments. By locating our buildings near workplaces, schools, childcare, and other amenities, Bellwether puts greater opportunity within reach of our residents. This way, our residents—families exiting homelessness, independent seniors, immigrants seeking opportunity, preschool teachers and social workers, and young people just starting out—have access to the benefits and prosperity of their surrounding communities and, in turn, cultivate a more vibrant and equitable city. 


Award in Seattle
VISION 2050 Award Presentation in Seattle