Regional Aviation Baseline Study

Demand for take-offs and landings in the region is projected to double by 2050 from over 400,000 to over 800,000 per year. This is expected to result in a regional gap in service by 2050 that is roughly equivalent to all the passengers served at Sea-Tac in 2019. The Regional Aviation Baseline Study identifies a range of scenarios that could meet varying levels of the projected demand, with an analysis of the potential economic, environmental, and community impacts.

PSRC’s intent is that this study provide a foundation for regional decision makers as they consider if the region should accommodate the growing demand for aviation, and how to do so. PSRC has released study findings to the public throughout the project, and directly shared with people who expressed interest through community engagement opportunities as well as with PSRC members and state and local elected officials. The study team has also provided findings to the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC). The CACC was created by the state Legislature and tasked with evaluating near-term measures that would extend the capacity of existing airports in Washington state while also examining long-term solutions, including recommending a new primary commercial aviation facility.