Watch the joint board session on institutional and structural racism

The video of the informative PSRC joint board session training on institutional and structural racism in the Puget Sound region is now available to watch with an interactive survey component. 

The joint board session explored institutional and structural racism, including what these terms mean and how these forms of racism have created long-lasting racial disparities in the Puget Sound region. Board members who were not able to attend the session are highly encouraged view the video of the session to become better equipped to effectively work with staff and each other as we weave equity into our work.

About the Trainer:

Charles Patton, Ph.D., PSRC’s Program Manager for Equity Policy and Initiatives, will bring his wealth of experience to lead an interactive presentation to develop a shared understanding of institutional and structural racism in the Puget Sound region. Dr. Patton received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University where he completed his dissertation on structural racism. He also served as a Research Associate for six years at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. Creating a better understanding of this history helps PSRC develop more effective strategies that address the root causes of current inequities, which will help create a more equitable future for all residents of the Puget Sound region.