Regional Aviation Baseline Study

Last Updated: 
Jun 14, 2018

PSRC is leading a baseline study to provide a clear picture of the aviation activities and needs in the region and set the stage for future planning efforts.

Commercial aviation is a cornerstone of the region’s economy. Major imports through regional airports include high value aerospace components and industrial machinery destined for aerospace companies. Exports include fresh cherries grown in central and eastern Washington and seafood, including live geoduck. Passenger traffic and cargo volumes are at record levels and are on a high-growth trajectory.

Continued coordinated planning is needed to ensure the regional airport system can accommodate growth in aviation. At the direction of PSRC’s Executive Board, PSRC will lead the development of a new Regional Aviation Baseline Study. The study will consolidate an assessment of specific capacity needs, issues, challenges, and community impacts. In September, PSRC received a $1.6 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct this work. 

The Regional Aviation Baseline Study will build on master planning processes underway at many of the region’s airports. Airport master plans examine current facilities, infrastructure, and operations, compared to forecasted passenger and cargo demand, and determine what impacts this will have on the airport over the near, short and long-term. 

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