Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Last Updated: 
Mar 21, 2017

PSRC works with communities throughout the region to plan and implement bike and pedestrian projects and programs.

VISION 2040 and Transportation 2040 call for the development of a transportation system that offers more travel choices while preserving environmental quality and open space. Active transportation plays a key role in achieving these goals. Guided by the Active Transportation Plan, PSRC is working with communities throughout the region to plan for and implement efficient and effective bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs.  

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee provides input to PSRC staff, policy boards, and other advisory committees on a variety of bicycle and pedestrian-related planning issues. 

Regional Bicycle Network Update

About the Update

PSRC is updating data related to bicycling in the Puget Sound region. This update includes two major components:

1. Update of the Regional Bicycle Network, which is a future, aspirational network. 
2. Completed Bike Facilities Data Set, which includes existing bike lanes, protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenways and shared use paths.

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PSRC hosted ‘charrette’ style workshops in each county to facilitate cross-jurisdictional collaboration with jurisdiction staff and the bicycle community. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee  will be reviewing the proposed edits and making recommendations about this network to the PSRC policy boards.

Online Web Map

To help facilitate this update process, we’ve created a beta version of an Online Web Map. It does not include regional destinations, but does include the regional bike network and the updated existing facilities layer. These layers can be turned on and off at the top right corner for ease of use. When the update is final, all detail will be available in web format only.