Household Travel Survey Program

Last Updated: 
Jun 20, 2018

The regional travel survey collects day-to-day information from households in the central Puget Sound region: how we travel, where we go, how long it takes us—even where we choose to live. 

How people surveyed ranked affordability in choosing a place to live

How Are Survey Results Used?

The surveys help the Puget Sound Regional Council and communities throughout the region plan transportation improvements. For example, what role can transit, biking and walking play in improving regional mobility? Having a complete picture of travel patterns helps produce better plans for the future.

About the Survey Program

The spring 2019 household travel survey is part of a six-year survey program for three waves (two-year survey cycles). This effort builds upon the 2017, 2014 and 2006 household travel surveys to continue to support a wide variety of agency and member data and analysis needs.  The final wave is planned for 2021, depending on funding.

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