Opportunity Mapping

Last Updated: 
Mar 22, 2017

To assess the amount of opportunity that exists in neighborhoods today, the Puget Sound Regional Council developed the opportunity mapping tool.

Link to full-sized opportunity map.This tool allows the analysis of growth that may take place in areas with moderate to high opportunity.

Growth in areas of opportunity is based on an “Opportunity Index,” which combines measures of five key elements of neighborhood opportunity and positive life outcomes: education, economic health, housing and neighborhood quality, mobility and transportation, and health and environment. The level of opportunity score (very low, low, moderate, high, very high) is determined by sorting all census tracts into quintiles based on their index scores. Areas of opportunity that experience greater proportions of growth may experience an increased risk of displacement.

View the Opportunity Map.

Opportunity Index


•  English test scores
•  Math test scores
•  Student poverty
•  Teacher qualifications
•  Graduation rates

Economic health

•  Living wage jobs
•  Job growth trends
•  Unemployment rates

Housing and neighborhood quality

•  Housing vacancy rates
•  Housing conditions
•  Crime Index

Mobility and transportation

•  Drive commute costs
•  Access to transit
•  Average transit costs
•  Walk commutes

Health and environment

•  Proximity to parks
•  Toxic waste
•  Access to healthy food