Hands holding up cameras to take photos of Bellevue light rail station opening.

Equity Tracker

Public Services

The region supports the development of physical infrastructure and the provision of social services that are necessary to promote local and regional planning objectives. Access to services such as schools, internet infrastructure and community centers is essential to helping make communities safe, healthy, prosperous and resilient.

Public services can include a wide range of support systems that improve quality of life and access to opportunity. The provision of adequate public facilities and human services ensure that all residents have access to the support that they need to thrive. Access to resources such as reliable and affordable internet can reflect public investment, just as outcomes like imprisonment can indicate a lack of access to human services and a failure of the social system.

Drivers of Inequity

The historic provision of public and human services often systematically and disproportionately created worse conditions for people of color and people with low incomes. To this day, people in these communities may lack access to reliable services, social supports and infrastructure, which have led to inequitable access to opportunities and lower quality of life.

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