Passengers wait for Sound Transit light rail train bound for Redmond Technology Station.

Equity Tracker


The goal is for the region to have a sustainable, equitable, affordable, safe and efficient multimodal transportation system, with specific emphasis on an integrated regional transit network that supports the Regional Growth Strategy and promotes vitality of the economy, environment and health.

Access to safe and affordable transportation is important to quality of life. It is helpful to know which communities are disproportionately impacted by incomplete sidewalks, limited access to high-capacity transit, or unsafe roadways to know where investments will have the biggest impact. These investments can help make communities safe and accessible for all.

Drivers of Inequity

Historically marginalized communities have been impacted by transportation planning both nationally and regionally. The impacts of past decisions can be seen today from where infrastructure was built to where infrastructure has not been built (incomplete sidewalks) to road design and location of crosswalks.

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