Projections for Cities and Other Places

The Land Use Vision – Implemented Targets (LUV-it) is the latest PSRC land use forecast. LUV-it is consistent with the latest growth allocations and policies in VISION 2050 and current countywide growth targets. As such, LUV-it is intended to support the data needs of local comprehensive plan updates, as well as other studies that require a consistent representation of the growth the region is collectively planning for through 2050.

Using the agency’s UrbanSim land use model, the forecast provides households, people, and jobs by jurisdictional and zonal geographies through 2050. The projections also reflect the goal established in VISION 2050’s Regional Growth Strategy to accommodate most of the region’s growth (65% of the population and 75% of the employment) in regional growth centers and near current and planned high-capacity transit service. 

Tabulation requests for custom study areas can be submitted through our online data request form.

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