Regional Macroeconomic Forecast

Last Updated: 
Mar 30, 2017

PSRC forecasts the region's households, persons, jobs, and other economic and demographic variables through the year 2040.

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Macroeconomic Forecast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have growth projections for cities and other areas below the regional level?

Please visit the Land Use Vision page for growth projections for counties, cities and smaller places.

How is the Macroeconomic Forecast developed?

PSRC uses an in-house econometric model system developed by the economics consulting firm ECONorthwest. The model equations are estimated using over four decades of historical data; other key inputs are a national macroeconomic forecast and a regional aerospace forecast, developed separately.

Before producing a new forecast, PSRC and its consultants update the historical data series, and re-examine and enhance the models themselves to reflect new knowledge and recent developments in the field. Output from the Macroeconomic Forecast model is carefully reviewed both internally and by PSRC’s Land Use Technical Advisory Committee prior to forecast finalization.