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Bellevue wins VISION 2050 Award

Mobility Implementation Plan

The City of Bellevue has won a VISION 2050 Award from the Puget Sound Regional Council for its Mobility Implementation Plan.

The awards recognize innovative projects and programs that help ensure a sustainable future as the region grows.

Bellevue’s Mobility Implementation Plan is a new performance measurement and prioritization system that aligns transportation investments with the city’s land use vision; providing the platform for Bellevue to meet the multimodal future envisioned locally and regionally.

“Bellevue has set up a system that will allow the city to make the right transportation investment in the right place at the right time,” said Josh Brown, Executive Director of PSRC. “This approach allows the city to balance supply with demand and creates a template to achieve a complete and connected multimodal transportation system in Bellevue.”

The award was presented at the Bellevue City Council meeting on June 27, 2022.