PSRC leadership at Newly Elected Officials Workshop, 2024.

Equity Tracker

Regional Collaboration

Regional collaboration supports a healthy environment, thriving communities and opportunities for all. When planning efforts work toward a common vision, services and resources can be more strategically allocated, which improves the quality of life for all residents. 

Coordinated policies and a holistic approach benefit individuals and communities by improving access to opportunity and making efficient use of regional resources. Engagement in community decisions through voter participation is one way to measure how well connected individuals are to the region and how well the region is addressing the needs of its residents. Low engagement may indicate that certain communities are not represented in decision-making, which limits government agencies' understanding of community issues and erodes the region's overall health. 

Drivers of Inequity

In the past, historically marginalized communities were not included in government planning processes. Intentional outreach and engagement can help rectify these past practices by developing a more holistic understanding of barriers, which can lead to increased access to opportunities for all residents. When everyone is supported, people are more likely to be invested and engaged in their community.

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